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Ezt ismerem, de mivel nem választósra lenne szükségem, hanem csak egy linkre egy konkrét témához, ez nem lesz jó. :(

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Nézd meg itt az url-eket:

A Switchtheme modul kezeli le.


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Megpróbáltam ilyen linket adni neki, de nem nagyon eszi meg (?theme=valami).
Valahol még valamit állítanom kellene?

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Ingyenes fordítás angolról-magyarra: http://translate.google.com/

Remélem, hogy tudtunk segíteni és közelebb kerülsz a megoldáshoz ;-)


Switchtheme allows you to create a block to allow users to switch themes on the fly. The module will present users with a list of all enabled themes and allow them to choose between them. Anonymous users have their choices tracked in a session variable. For logged in users, the user record is updated with their
choice so that their last selection will stay the same the next time they log in.

For a full description visit the project page: http://drupal.org/project/switchtheme
Bug reports, feature suggestions and latest developments: http://drupal.org/project/issues/switchtheme




* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/70151 for further information.
* Enable the module in Administration » Modules.


* Configure who should be allowed to use the Switchtheme blocks in Administration » People » Permissions » Switchtheme.

To permanently store the chosen theme for registered users, grant the "Permanently use a custom theme" permission to selected user roles.

* Customize the settings in Administration » Configuration » User interface » Switchtheme.

The theme names may not be very meaningful to regular users, so the settings page allows you to create custom labels to show for each theme.

* Go to Administration » Structure » Blocks and enable the desired Switchtheme block(s), if any. Make sure that it is enabled in all enabled themes.

-- NOTES --

The module has been designed to defer to themes created by the Sections module (http://drupal.org/project/sections). In other words, if you use the sections module to create a special theme for the admin section, the switchtheme module will use that theme rather than the individual theme chosen by the user.

If you are setting up a lot of themes, you may find the Block Region module http://drupal.org/project/blockregion) to be a helpful way of setting up blocks to work the same way across many themes. That will save you the time of setting up every block in every theme.

-- USAGE --

You can use this module to present users with a small, medium, and large text version of your site. To do that:

* Select the theme that you want to use for this purpose. Create a subfolder below the theme folder for every subtheme that you want to create (i.e. medium, large, and extra-large). The folder names will be used as the theme names, so make sure they don't duplicate any existing themes. One way to do that is to use the regular theme name as a prefix, then append something to the name (i.e. bluemarine_large).

* Copy the style.css and any theme images from the main folder to each of these sub-folders.

* Change style.css in each subfolder to display appropriately for the chosen font size. Well-designed CSS may only need to be changed in a few places. For instance, the Bluemarine theme sets a basic font size at the very top of the CSS to 76%. Make that percentage higher and almost everything in the theme will be displayed in larger text. (You may need to change a few other CSS settings to get it working completely.)

Any style.css files and images in the subfolders will override those in the main folder, but all folders will use the template.php and tpl.php files in the main theme folder, so you don't need to duplicate all the template files, only the css and image files.

* Go to the settings page and give the themes user-friendly names like 'Regular', 'Medium', and 'Large', and turn the blocks on as noted above.

Now your users will have a drop-down selection list they can use to increase the font size of their pages.


* When Switchtheme module is enabled, users are able to switch to a different theme any time they follow a link that includes a query string like in this URL: http://www.example.com/foo/bar?theme=exampletheme

That means, you can implement specially crafted links into your site or themes which allow users to switch to pre-defined themes. For example, using Drupal's l() function in page.tpl.php (without code tags):

print l('Red theme', $_GET['q'], array(), 'theme=red');


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Talán ez a szájbarágós komment is segítségedre lehet. Itt a Drupal.hu keresőjét használva találtam rá: http://drupal.hu/comment/67244#comment-67244

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Remélem, hogy tudtam segíteni és hasznát veszed az infónak. Esetleg belinkeled majd a kész weblap címét is?

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