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A leiras angolul, mivel olyan fejlesztot keresunk, aki egy magyar fejlesztoi csapatot vezet majd, de a londoni irodaval is kenyelmesen tud tarsalogni.

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About us
We're a friendly, hard-working Drupal-only web agency. Based in London & opening an office in Budapest shortly. We currently have around forty staff and our team are known for the high standard of work they deliver. Clients are a wide range of businesses, charities, education establishments and startups. Client projects cover every type of project you can conceive of with Drupal. Our approach to production is process-driven and helps us deliver high standards of engineering, in a relaxed working environment.

The role - Introduction
We are seeking an individual who has strong technical Drupal development experience together with management skills for leading and managing our development team. You will be responsible for the Product by supervising & managing the team; from architecting & building to delivering compelling & innovative websites. You will be responsible for overseeing all project work and interviewing (assessing) & managing all production members, together with our Project Leads & Project Managers in the London office.
Managing successful delivery of projects will mean that you will be heavily & often hands-on involved in the execution phase and then leading activities with Project Leads throughout the project cycle. This will include meetings with the Developers in Budapest and with Project Managers (Skype/Hangout) in London.
You will be the Product & Production team owner at NDP Budapest.

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Technical Requirements
Extensive, proven development experience to a high level with Drupal
Drupal 7 & (preferably 8) site builds, module configuration and theming using Views, Fields, Panels, Webform and the rest of the standard module set
Structured approach to troubleshooting
Confidence with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Drush etc
Some good general sysadmin capability
Experience with Migrate, Features
Theming from scratch or based on framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Zen etc)
Understanding of behaviour-driven development
JavaScript, jQuery development, especially frameworks such as Angular or Meteor
Performance optimization for Drupal
Extensive understanding of Drupal's architecture, APIs and custom module development
Excellent knowledge of Git and best-practice Drupal deployment workflows
Experience of integration with external systems
Use of version control systems
Well informed of industry trends & best development practices to improve our product offering
Architecting the overall system, by using & creating prototypes and proof of concepts

Management Requirements
Experience of managing & leading a production team
Strong problem-solving & troubleshooting skills
A very good spoken & written English
A passion to learn and advance your self & other’s education
Effective at task prioritisation & multi-tasking
Lead code reviews, planning sessions, sprints & stand-ups
Experience in a variety of production methodologies, including Waterfall
Strong-decision making skills, mainly on technical aspects of the projects
Team oriented soft skills & interpersonal skills
Leading appraisals & evaluating individual performance of production members
Managing & overseeing project documentation, product specifications, including identifying change requests with Project Managers
Collaboration with Project Leads, Project Managers to align project fees with scope, schedule, plan & timeline

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